Monday, 14 July 2014

Not What The Cover Promised

This book went a long way to shedding light on the man known as Genghis Kahn for me. It was a well written book that engaged me and made this book a pleasure to read.

So I here you ask why not 5 stars instead of the 3 you have given it? The reason is that I was expecting the life of Genghis Kahn and how his deeds helped shape the modern world to take up most of this book. So I was very surprised that just after the half-way mark Genghis up and died. The rest of the book concentrated on his offspring and the rise and fall of the empire he established. Why there was nothing wrong with this, it was not what was advertised on the cover.

Overall an enjoyable and very accessible piece of history writing. This book though is more of an overview of the Mongol empire and not a study of Genghis Kahn and how he helped shaped the modern world.
3 Stars

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