Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Scalzi is the Sci-Fi King

The human race is looking down the barrel of destruction caused by diplomatic incident. An incident in which a human causes the death of his alien counterpart by the tactical use of flatulence. A rare genetically bred sheep is the only way to avoid the ire of the alien race. It just so happens that all of these sheep are dead and rather recently to boot. Who else but Mr Scalzi can turn such a convoluted plot into a top notch read?

Yet again the author reinforces my belief that he is one of the best Sci-Fi writers around. This book achieves a fine balance of action, intrigue, plot twists and humour to deliver a near perfect tale. I am fast running out of superlatives to use when describing John Scalzi's work. So I will put it simply "YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK". I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

5 Very Big Stars

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