Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Solid Zombie Read

The Reaper virus delivers a well-crafted story that delivers a memorable tale in a well-trodden genre. Why the book deliver nothing new with the tale of a man battling his way home through a city full of zombie. It does deliver it extremely well in a fast paced, engaging and brutal way.
I found myself drawn back to the book at every opportunity, as if reading it would help the hero make it home to his family. This for me is a sign of the author’s talent for realistic character development. I found myself thinking what would I do in his place and this drew me even further into the story. Overall this is a well-constructed ‘Zombie” novel that in my opinion is sticking its head above the norm in the genre. I am looking forward to read some of these authors other offerings in the near future.

4 Stars

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