Wednesday, 20 August 2014

New Team Member

The Lazy Book Reviewer is expanding with a new reviewer joining the team. I am pleased to introduce to you all Pamellia Smith. I for one am very excited to have Pamellia on board. But that's enough from me I will let  Pamellia introduce herself in her own words:

My name is Pamellia Smith.  I am a wife, friend, sister, musician, reader and former home-school mother.  I am a retired (fall 2013) Pastoral Director of Liturgical Music for the Roman Catholic Church.  I continue to serve on the Leadership Board for the musicians of our Diocese. 
I have always enjoyed reading.  As I have aged, I’ve found I enjoy reading more and more.  For the past few years, I have read an average of 2 books per week.  I enjoy several genre, however horror is by far my favorite.  But one can see me enjoying historical fiction, mysteries and comedy also.
My goal is to write an honest review for each book I read.
Here is Pamellia's first book review:

The story open in the German occupied Poland. Major Eric Kaempffer, SS Officer, has received orders to investigate The Keep at the Dinu Pass in Romania. This is a strategic sight for the German military. Captain Klaus Woermann, a military officer, has occupied the keep with his troops and odd things begin to happen. Throw in unexplained murders, a genius Jewish profession and his lovely daughter, some interesting villagers, a mysterious man with an unexplained connection to all this and you have the story of THE KEEP.

I enjoyed the story. I thought the characters were believable and well developed. The differences between the SS Nazi's politics and regular German Army were well defined and actually educational. The villagers were humble and accommodating. There were twist and turns and lots to think about. I believe the author wanted the reader to see that a person's background shapes their views and believes. Without a strong well established position and responsibilities one can be easily swayed by perverted believes and politics. I especially liked the long time rivalry between the SS officer and the Army officer.

I recommend this book to those enjoying European WWII Historical Fiction and lovers of horror.
4 Stars 

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