Friday, 22 August 2014

Sputnik A Story Worth Telling

For those of you that have been following the Lazy Book Reviewer for a while you might start to be noticing a pattern forming. I quite often  get what I like to call a 'Subject Crush' and at the moment that crush is over the Cold War. I strive to maintain a good mix of genres but some times my curiosity gets the better of me. So please don't despair this crush will soon be over.

Coming into this book with little knowledge of the story of Sputnik I was not sure what I was going to find. What I got was a great story about the early years of the Cold War. The author goes to great length to give the reader a great sense of what it was like to live in these times.

From the end of World War II to the late 50's the story of Sputnik goes way beyond this watershed moment in history. Like a best-selling thriller the narrative is a delicate web of numerous stories all linking to deliver a fantastic story. This book delivers a story that in many ways exemplifies the Cold War.

4 Stars

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