Friday, 15 August 2014

The Short & Short Of It

Once again I have delved into the world of the short story and I have found these two gems.

My Friend Asmodeus by Nathan Barnes

We all have that little voice in your head urging to say what’s on your mine regardless of what it is. Well what would you do if that voice in your head was actually a demon that gave you the power to control others and promises you world? Would you go sign yourself into the nearest looney bin or would you embrace it and see where it takes you? Nathan Barnes takes us on rollicking tale of anarchy be it only a short one.

This is my second sampling of this author’s works and I continue to be impressed. This book is the perfect length to read in one go and at the end I was wanting more. I would love to see this novella evolve into a full length novel. But at the moment all I can do is sample another one of this authors offerings.

4 Stars

Space Sushi delivers a gourmet narrative jam packed with all sorts of goodness that deliver on many levels. The only downside to this book is that it had to end; I could have gone on reading it for hours. The author delivers a very unique story that had me intrigued from the very beginning right up to the suspense filled end. It is amazing what he has managed to pack into 25 pages. So if you a looking for a highly entertaining short read this is your book.

5 Stars

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