Saturday, 27 September 2014

Can I Have My Money Back Please

This book never really fully engaged me all it did was make me long for the end. Whilst the premise of the book was intriguing I found the mechanics used to deliver the narrative a tad contrite. The book is a fictional biography of a mad Doctor in the late 18 Century whose fascination with human deformities leads him to wreck and ruin.

This could have been a great book if only the author had put some effort into character and plot development. No time is spent in the setting the scene for this book and I was not given any feeling for the world it was set in. I also think that the book would have worked better if the two parts of this book were combined. Overall a disappointing read.

2 Stars

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Best History Book Ever!!!!!!!!!

As a child of the 80's I often heard reference to the Cuban Missile Crisis as the day the world held its breath. I knew it had to do with some nuclear missile being placed in Cuba by the Russians that in turn upset the US, but that was about as far as my knowledge went. As I read my way through this book my eyes grew wider and wider till I thought they were going to pop out of my head. What an amazing and utterly terrifying moment in history.

The authors goes to great lengths to instill into the reader just how close the world came to a nuclear war. Each event is looked at in detail and their potential ramifications explored. Never have I ever walked away from a history book with such a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

For me this book is what every history book should strive to be. The narrative reads like a first rate thriller and draws the reader in. The information is set out in an extremely balanced way and invites the reader to form their own opinions. Overall this is history at its most accessible form that entertains and teaches at the same time.

5 Stars  LBR Tick Of Approval

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Brutal Truth

Dying to Survive tells the story of the authors slide into the life of a heroin addict. This book pulls no punches as the authors bares all to the reader describing the depths of depravity she sunk to feed her habit.

This book gives the reader a great insight into the thought process of an addict. Even when she was clean she knew she would sooner or later return to the needle. Her battle with the addiction is just that a battle of heart and mind for control of her life.

Rachael makes no excuses for her behaviour nor does she looks for symphony. What she does deliver is an honest look at her life and the events that led to her the needle. If you are looking for a book about addiction and the strength of character needed to rise above it then this is the book for you. It is a well-articulated story of a journey into hell and back.
3.5 Stars


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Delicate Vampire Tale

Think of it...a world filled with the vampire that our protagonist, Dr. John Gladstone, a Victorian physician, has recently discovered. But what exactly has he discovered and what has happened to his sweet younger daughter, Camille, not to mention his beautiful older daughter, Ursula. Will the vampire take them both before he can save them? Then there is his secret scientific research. Is there a plan to destroy mankind?

What a wonderful writer and story teller Mr. Michael Talbot was. He tells this story in first person by the good Dr. Gladstone himself. John and his sidekick Lady Dunaway walk, run, travel by train, boat, carriage...whatever will get them to their destination the quickest. John's understanding and love of knowledge keeps this story going and interesting.

The story is well written, especially for a first novel. The characters were believable. I was concerned for their safety. John endured many twists and turns and seemed to somehow always find his way clear of any major catastrophes. I wanted him to be successful. Yet I wanted to find out more about the vampire race and what was really motivating them. The vampires in this book were different than any other books, stories, movies or graphic novels I have ever seen. There was something for mankind to learn from the wisdom of the vampire...they took their time to complete what they needed to do.

It took me longer than usual to completely read this 390 page book. I wonder if the vampire wisdom of savoring art might have influenced me. I did feel like I was quietly reading every word. Differently than I normally read.

This book was a 4.5 stars for me.
Review by Pamellia Smith

Monday, 15 September 2014

I Am Still Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all sorry for missing in action lately. The Lazy Book Reviewers day job has been a tad full on of over the last couple of weeks. I have the thankless task of bringing in a complete smoking ban across the prison system I work for.  But never fear the end is in sight and I shall return to normal operations soon.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

An Outstanding Example of Modern Storytelling

I went into this book with an open mind due to the very mixed review it has received. I am happy to say I have allied myself with those who loved this book. Right from the outset I was extremely impressed with the mechanics of the narrative. The story is told via the author of a non-fiction book based on the events of the main narrative. It uses interviews, transcripts, recordings and personal insight to deliver the tale.  It flows very well and gives great detail to each of the individual story arcs.

The narrative pulls you along as you keep waiting for the weirdness to start. The book gives a very creepy and spine-chilling feel via the subtleness of the evil that lurks below. It gets you really thinking about what is going on. The book allows you to make up your own mind and explore many conspiracies around the central story.

The end of this book has caused the most discussions among fellow reviewers and for me it was the perfect ending. Yes it creates more questions than answers but for me this is what this book is all about. It takes the reader outside of what is written on the pages and engages you on many levels.

5 Stars, LBR Tick of Approval

Friday, 5 September 2014

AFTER Well Worth The Read

Join me in reading our new reviewer Pamellia thoughts on:

Over a year ago I was looking for a good post-apocalyptic book. I'd read so many zombie books and with The Walking Dead, I was getting a bit tired of the zombie genre. I don't really care for the nuclear destruction with no plants or animals I came across AFTER. I read it along with the 2nd After book and the prequel, After: First Light. Incidentally, if you have not read the prequel you may want to do that, it's free right now at

The book starts out with our protagonist, Rachel Wheeler, limping along. In book 2 she got in a fight with some domesticated dogs, gone wild! One bit her and now she is suffering a bite that could be life threatening. This is After, not Before so she can't just jump in her car and swing by an Urgent Care center. What is to become of her. Needless to say this is resolved in a way I did not see coming. There is some good writing going on with this story line. Sometimes I want the author to get on with it, but when the getting there is a good part of the story, then I'd say that's good writing.

The other story lines are of Franklyn Wheeler and DeVontray. All are one way or another trying to find Rachel and she is trying to find them. No one is at the 291 Fort, just trying to get back there.

For the 3rd book in the series, I would have liked to have seen fewer encounters and more getting to the 291 Milepost. I feel like the story is being stretched out like the old doll, Stretch Armstrong!! Those dolls would break if stretched too long. If it were not for Mr. Nicholson's fine writing style which holds my interests most of the time, I would swear off this series. But since he (the author) builds the characters in a positive way, for now it holds my interest. 

I know many of us are tired of series with more novels than we wish to invest in. But this is not a new thing, is it. In the late 1800s, Sir H. Rider Haggard wrote over 25 books in the Alan Quatermain series and aren't those considered classics? There is the Lord of the Rings books, written many years ago. 4 books with the Hobbit. So my point is, I think in the “Get it now” world, a series of books is something we just don't want to wait for. It's not new, authors have been doing it for years!

I am enjoying the AFTER series. The situation is unique for a book. I like what Scott wrote about sun flares in the first book. He gave us references we could follow to see that these could increase and where would we be then. I love the way he has let his imagination run in these books. He has enriched the characters persona by the situations they have found themselves in. (Not unlike learning to sing, by using a sophisticated piece of music). The development of not only the characters, but the overall story will bring me back to probably as many more novels that happen to show up in this series.

Hooray for Mr. Nicholson and his most recent release of AFTER #3: Milepost 291.

These books do not stand alone. You need to read all the books.

If you have not picked up any of the After books and decide to read all 4, you are in store of a fun ride through some wonderful story telling!

5 Stars

Review by Pamellia Smith

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Finally a Bedtime Book For Adults

I love this book as it gives voice to thoughts I dare not speaks. Like parents all around the world I love my kids to bits, but they push my tolerance and frustration levels to the max at times. Go the  F*#@K To Sleep is the ultimate bedtime story for adults that will leave you in stiches. It is one of the funniest books I have EVER READ. It's glad to know that I am not the only one that have wished my children would just go the f@#*k to sleep.
What made this book even better is that I purchased the audible version, yes I was to lazy to read a 32 page book with pictures. In the audible version you get the joy of Samuel L Jackson reading the book to you. No one makes swearing sound as good as Mr. Jackson.
5 Stars, LBR Tick of Approval