Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Delicate Vampire Tale

Think of it...a world filled with the vampire that our protagonist, Dr. John Gladstone, a Victorian physician, has recently discovered. But what exactly has he discovered and what has happened to his sweet younger daughter, Camille, not to mention his beautiful older daughter, Ursula. Will the vampire take them both before he can save them? Then there is his secret scientific research. Is there a plan to destroy mankind?

What a wonderful writer and story teller Mr. Michael Talbot was. He tells this story in first person by the good Dr. Gladstone himself. John and his sidekick Lady Dunaway walk, run, travel by train, boat, carriage...whatever will get them to their destination the quickest. John's understanding and love of knowledge keeps this story going and interesting.

The story is well written, especially for a first novel. The characters were believable. I was concerned for their safety. John endured many twists and turns and seemed to somehow always find his way clear of any major catastrophes. I wanted him to be successful. Yet I wanted to find out more about the vampire race and what was really motivating them. The vampires in this book were different than any other books, stories, movies or graphic novels I have ever seen. There was something for mankind to learn from the wisdom of the vampire...they took their time to complete what they needed to do.

It took me longer than usual to completely read this 390 page book. I wonder if the vampire wisdom of savoring art might have influenced me. I did feel like I was quietly reading every word. Differently than I normally read.

This book was a 4.5 stars for me.
Review by Pamellia Smith

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