Sunday, 26 October 2014

Blackwater Review Part 2

Here is Pamellia's second part of her Blackwater saga revieww. 

The house had stood alone without anyone living in it for so long...has someone or something else moved in?
Changes to the Caskeys continue to take place. What are Elinor's next plans. Sometimes the author gives us hints and sometimes he just shocks us. No matter how he goes about telling us, it is never dull and always interesting and sometimes a bit scary.

This part of the saga gives us insight into how the war in Europe effected not only the Caskey family but also the town of Perdido. Of course the USA becomes a part of the war and many men in the town become part of the military. Big changes at the mill as many government contracts are secured.
Elinor's daughter becomes involved with a young Army officer. His name is Billy. He falls in love with the Caskey family and their way of life. He is from a wealthy family, but his family never had the love and drama that the Caskey family has. He turns out to be a good man and a great asset to the family.
5 stars for both

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