Thursday, 2 October 2014

Good Ole Fashion Fun

This book won’t win any awards for originality but it does deliver a very solid tale that is well worth the price of admission. We have seen this type of story in numerous books, comics and movies but this familiarity works well. It like the feeling you get when you settle into your favorite chair with a nice beverage in one hand and the TV remote in the other. This feeling allowed me to quickly settle into the story and it did not take long for it to have me hooked.

The book is well set out with the plot moving at just the right pace to keep you interested. There is the right mix of thrills and spill built into the narrative and the characters feel right for the story. The author is to be commended for delivering a great story that feels like catching up with an old friend. If you are looking for an entertaining read that won’t tax the ole grey matter then this is the read for you. I for one will be investing in the next installment.

4 Stars

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