Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Reason Why I Love To Read

This author reminds me of why I love reading so much and why I like reading Indie authors. I still remember reading this authors first ever offerings and being mightily impressed by his storytelling talent. Since then I have read with great excitement each of his new books. It has been a pleasure to see him build up his fan base. I was even happier when he was picked up by a publisher. After all this is a reflection on the power and importance of the Indie author movement. It is the power of the reader to shape the industry. No longer are we restricted by what the publishers think we want to read.

This book left me speechless in a good way but not good when trying to write a review. Nicholas Sansbury Smith just keeps going from strength to strength. I have been reading this author since his first offering and I am continually blown away by his story telling talents.

Orbs II starts off right where Orbs left off and hits the ground running at full tilt. The story of earths demise by some damn thirsty aliens continues. All your favorite characters are found right where left them struggling to survive and searching for someway to hold on.

The narrative as I have already elude to screams along at a frightening pace with the right mix of action, thrills, horror, despair and it's fair share of white knuckle moments. The character interactions and development is also of high standard and this draws you further into the storyline. The introduction of a new story arc keeps only adds to the enjoyment of this book. When I reached the end of the book one thought entered my head,"please sir can I have some more".

I for one am glad to see this author has been picked up by a publisher and I am predicting a bright future for him. So what are you waiting for you will
not be disappointed by what this author has to offer. 
5 Stars & the LBR Tick Of Approval

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