Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Back In Action

The Lazy Book Reviewer is on the mend which means the reviews can now continue. Below is the first of my Bali reads. I managed to get two books reads in on holidays whilst cooling off in the pool. A waterproof case for my Kindle was on of my better purchases of late.

Cannibal Reign delivers an entertaining read that in my opinion was ruined by the end. The start of the book is a 5 star read with great time and care given in developing both the plot and characters. The reader is immersed into a world that has been devastated by an extinction rated event. Humanity is sent back to the dark ages where survival by any means is the norm.
The end of the book however left me feeling very disappointed and cheated. There was so much potential in the endgame of this story but I felt the attention to detail was replaced by the authors desire to wrap it up in one book. The potential of this story to evolve into a great series was extinguished just like life as we know it was in the book.

3 Stars

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