Monday, 29 December 2014

Celebrating With A Sci-Fi Classic

The Lazy Book reviewer has reached another milestone with 50,000 page views. As always I would like to thank you the reader for helping us to achieve this milestone. If  you have any feedback on how to improve this blog please send it through. You can find the contact details further down on this page.

So to end another fantastic year in reading I have decided to review a Science Fiction Classic

We are all familiar with famous opening scene from Kubrick's film adaptation of this book. The swelling music and the mysterious black object surrounded by apes. These are both iconic music and images, but how many of us have actually read the book. I will admit that it has taken me 40 years to open the pages on Arthur C Clarke's masterpiece. But now I have I ask myself why did it take so long.

It becomes very evident from the first chapter that this book is going to deliver so much more than the movie. It should have come as no surprise really, but I was amazed at the subtle nuances in the telling of the tale.  The book delivers  a more satisfying and fulfilling experience, even if I could not get that damn music at of my head.

What really impressed me was the technical advances that are predicted in Arthur C Clarke's work. It is easy for one to over look them as many of them, in slightly different formats, are a part of our normal life. One really has to try and remember that this book was first published in 1968 to truly appreciate the author's genius. Now that I have began this saga I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

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