Friday, 27 February 2015


This book was a rarity for me it as it now belongs to a hand full of books I could not finish. No that’s a tad unfair it was a book I could NOT be bothered finishing. From the outset I found myself wanting to skip pages to see if this book improved and alas it did not.

The title to this book is completely misleading in my opinion, it led me to believe this was going to be another action packed true life story from within the suck. What I got instead is a story best suited to the blog from which the book was derived. If I knew the author then I am sure I would have found it fascinating to read what my friend was up to. As a true life story from a troop serving in Iraq this is by far the worst book I have read in the genre.

As I stated in the beginning after reading about 70% of this book I waved my little white flag and put it back on the book shelf. Why I can't recommend this book please don't write it off as it has got a high average rating it just was not my cup of chai.

1 Star

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hugh Howey Delivers Again

Can Hugh Howey do no wrong? It appears not with another spellbinding story delivered on the pages of Sand. It is a very well thought and fresh storyline that delivers on numerous levels.

But why only three stars do I hear you ask? The book ends a bit too abruptly for me. Why there is nothing wrong with the end I feel there was still a lot more story to tell. Any other author I may have given 4 stars but as a seasoned Hugh Howey reader I rated it against his other offerings.

As an audiobook Karen Chelton delivers a great performance as a narrator. Her talents as an actress are well used in her telling of Sand and you quickly lose yourself in the story.

Despite the ending Hugh Howey delivers a story that is well balanced between plot and character development. The world he creates on the pages makes you feel that you can reach out and touch it. As the reader you feel the heat, the pressure and taste the sand as you submerge yourself into the world that is Sand.

3 Stars

Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Very Important Book

Every now or then a book comes along that leaves you breathless and changes the way you look at the world. Chasing The Scream is one of those books a profound read that has made me rethink the war on drugs on made me look at how I carry out my own work.

The war on drugs whether you know it or not has changed the very nature of the society we live in. It has turned a health issue into one of crime and by doing so encouraged more crime and violence. The evidence gathered in this book is overwhelming and when  coupled together with the stories gathered by the author make for an unforgettable read. I defy anyone to read this book and tell me the War on Drugs is right and just. The author not only gathers evidence and personal stories but also traces the history of the War on drugs to deliver a well rounded read. As an audiobook the production is flawless with the narrator perfect for the read.

As a Correctional officer that deals with the Drug Policy I thought I had a good grasp on this issues. I now find myself completely rethinking how we go about our drug policy and how we can move away from a punitive model to one that is supportive and understanding of drugs and addictions. I am in total awe of what Johann Hari has managed to deliver in this book and rate this as one of the most important books I have read.
5 Headphones 
Big Tick of Approval

Friday, 13 February 2015

An Exciting Ride

Here is Pamellia's next offering.

Wow! What an exciting and fun book to read. Never a dull moment with David Desh (ex-Special Forces, good looking, all American man, who could ask for any thing more), our protagonist. From kidnappings, murders, truth drugs, pass out drugs, mind enhancing gel caps to cars, trucks, helicopters, RV' can count on Mr. Richards to give a fast paced yet bumpy read. Lots of twist and turns in this one that I know I was not expecting.
Richards' give excellent descriptions for his characters and their surroundings. I could feel myself there at the mall scenes and could almost smell the pizza. The story only covers a few days, so there is not a lot of room for character development in a true literary sense. There are back stories for a few of the characters helping to explain their current situation and actions.
I see there is a sequel to Wired. I will be reading that one and see where this exciting story takes us next.
well thought out and organized story with few grammar errors. 
5 Stars 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Things & Stuff

Stuff is the sort of book I love and my family dread me reading. It is a book that is crammed with interesting facts and history of everyday items. Items that we take for granted and hardly give thought to. Take for example concrete. Think about the role this material plays in our life and then imaging life with out it......I know pretty mind blowing. Well I think it is even if my family think I am odd.

Mark Miodownik takes us on a scientific, historical, social and personal journey of some of our most important stuff to be found in our World. This book will have me boring people for years to come. I can't express how much enjoyment this book gave me. From the opening chapter you know you are in for a very unique read.

So do yourself a favour and pick this book up. You will be entertained and also learn things about stuff. Stuff that you will never look at the same way again, including the very material it is printed on.

4.5 Stars

Monday, 9 February 2015

A Smart Sci-Fi Thriller

This is my first book by E.E Giorgi and I am happy to say it will not be my last. Gene Cards delivers a smart futuristic thriller that ticks all the right boxes.
The world created by the author is a frightening amalgamation of global warming and science gone mad. We are immersed into this world with a combination of good character and story development. This is a story that is well thought and this shows in throughout the development of the plot. What I loved about this read was that the futuristic components were not that much of a stretch of one’s imagination. This lends to a more realistic feel to the plot.
Gene Cards will have you hooked to the end. I look forward to the delving back into this dystopian world soon.
3.5 Stars

Friday, 6 February 2015

MHI Is Back Baby!!

Larry Correia man I have missed you and the Monster Hunter International serious. Reading Nemesis was like returning home after a bad day at work to find a nice hot coffee waiting for you. This book had all the elements I have come to expect from the series. We have bad ass monsters trying to destroy the world, ultra-cool and hip monster hunters, action, suspense and that trade mark humour I have come to love.

Nemesis puts a new slant on the world of Monster Hunter International with the focus put on Franks. For those who are familiar with the series Frank’s role is normally that of a pain in the side of MHI. He is a Government man who only just tolerates our main heroes and would not shed a tear if they dropped dead.

This change of focus is well executed and adds a huge amount of value to the series. It ties in nicely with the story so far to date and is a delight to read. So if you are in the mood for some good ole fashion monster kicking action that will bring a smile to your dial, this is the book for you.
4 Stars

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Angel Of The Abyss

I am pleased to bring you another great book review for Pamellia Smith.
The book is a thriller sprinkled with intrigue, missing people, old Hollywood characters and a modern day film restoration specialist. What a group for a story that is weaved together with development and care.
Graham lives in Boston and has been hired by a LA firm to restore the century old lost film, Angel of the Abyss. However when Graham arrives to complete this all expenses paid job, plus, he doesn't find what he thinks he will. What's going on? What is Graham to do? Does he just leave LA and go back to his mild mannered job in Boston? Well even more happens and Graham is stuck in LA.
The story goes back and forth giving a story line from 1926 when the original movie was made. Oh, it was going to make everyone rich and famous!! Well, then what happened there.
I enjoyed the way the author takes us from one century to the next. Just as we find out one thing in the 1926 setting, it is explained further in the 2013 setting or the other way around. Nothing is lost and I see a lot of character development in both centuries. I like the way the lead actress, Grace, is a strong female character...not just some dumb little girl from the mid-west. 
There were several grammar or typo error in this book. I had to stop several times and re-read a section two or three times until I understood exactly what the author was saying. The amount of errors would not discourage me from recommending the book, but does effect my overall rating of the book by a little.
4 Stars

Monday, 2 February 2015

What If?

Finally a time travel book that does not bore me to tears. Rewinder delivers a well-paced and intelligent narrative that explores the old question of what if?
The author sets the scene with a well thought out and developed alternative reality where the British Empire lives on. Within this narrative we are introduced to our main character that lives in the lower castes of society. He is introduced to a secret world in which his job is to travel through time and to check first hands historical facts. At first this new world is full of wonderment but as time passes cracks start to appear. What lies beneath these cracks is far from savoury and this is when the story really becomes interesting.
This book excels at exploring the butterfly ripple effect and by doing so develops a story that sets its hooks in and takes you along for the ride. Rewinder is a book that leaves you pondering about it long after it is back on the shelf gathering dust.
 The audiobook production of this story is spot on. The narrator was an excellent choice and added to the entertainment value of book.
4 Headphones