Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Very Important Book

Every now or then a book comes along that leaves you breathless and changes the way you look at the world. Chasing The Scream is one of those books a profound read that has made me rethink the war on drugs on made me look at how I carry out my own work.

The war on drugs whether you know it or not has changed the very nature of the society we live in. It has turned a health issue into one of crime and by doing so encouraged more crime and violence. The evidence gathered in this book is overwhelming and when  coupled together with the stories gathered by the author make for an unforgettable read. I defy anyone to read this book and tell me the War on Drugs is right and just. The author not only gathers evidence and personal stories but also traces the history of the War on drugs to deliver a well rounded read. As an audiobook the production is flawless with the narrator perfect for the read.

As a Correctional officer that deals with the Drug Policy I thought I had a good grasp on this issues. I now find myself completely rethinking how we go about our drug policy and how we can move away from a punitive model to one that is supportive and understanding of drugs and addictions. I am in total awe of what Johann Hari has managed to deliver in this book and rate this as one of the most important books I have read.
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