Friday, 13 February 2015

An Exciting Ride

Here is Pamellia's next offering.

Wow! What an exciting and fun book to read. Never a dull moment with David Desh (ex-Special Forces, good looking, all American man, who could ask for any thing more), our protagonist. From kidnappings, murders, truth drugs, pass out drugs, mind enhancing gel caps to cars, trucks, helicopters, RV' can count on Mr. Richards to give a fast paced yet bumpy read. Lots of twist and turns in this one that I know I was not expecting.
Richards' give excellent descriptions for his characters and their surroundings. I could feel myself there at the mall scenes and could almost smell the pizza. The story only covers a few days, so there is not a lot of room for character development in a true literary sense. There are back stories for a few of the characters helping to explain their current situation and actions.
I see there is a sequel to Wired. I will be reading that one and see where this exciting story takes us next.
well thought out and organized story with few grammar errors. 
5 Stars 

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