Thursday, 5 February 2015

Angel Of The Abyss

I am pleased to bring you another great book review for Pamellia Smith.
The book is a thriller sprinkled with intrigue, missing people, old Hollywood characters and a modern day film restoration specialist. What a group for a story that is weaved together with development and care.
Graham lives in Boston and has been hired by a LA firm to restore the century old lost film, Angel of the Abyss. However when Graham arrives to complete this all expenses paid job, plus, he doesn't find what he thinks he will. What's going on? What is Graham to do? Does he just leave LA and go back to his mild mannered job in Boston? Well even more happens and Graham is stuck in LA.
The story goes back and forth giving a story line from 1926 when the original movie was made. Oh, it was going to make everyone rich and famous!! Well, then what happened there.
I enjoyed the way the author takes us from one century to the next. Just as we find out one thing in the 1926 setting, it is explained further in the 2013 setting or the other way around. Nothing is lost and I see a lot of character development in both centuries. I like the way the lead actress, Grace, is a strong female character...not just some dumb little girl from the mid-west. 
There were several grammar or typo error in this book. I had to stop several times and re-read a section two or three times until I understood exactly what the author was saying. The amount of errors would not discourage me from recommending the book, but does effect my overall rating of the book by a little.
4 Stars

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