Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hugh Howey Delivers Again

Can Hugh Howey do no wrong? It appears not with another spellbinding story delivered on the pages of Sand. It is a very well thought and fresh storyline that delivers on numerous levels.

But why only three stars do I hear you ask? The book ends a bit too abruptly for me. Why there is nothing wrong with the end I feel there was still a lot more story to tell. Any other author I may have given 4 stars but as a seasoned Hugh Howey reader I rated it against his other offerings.

As an audiobook Karen Chelton delivers a great performance as a narrator. Her talents as an actress are well used in her telling of Sand and you quickly lose yourself in the story.

Despite the ending Hugh Howey delivers a story that is well balanced between plot and character development. The world he creates on the pages makes you feel that you can reach out and touch it. As the reader you feel the heat, the pressure and taste the sand as you submerge yourself into the world that is Sand.

3 Stars

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