Friday, 27 February 2015


This book was a rarity for me it as it now belongs to a hand full of books I could not finish. No that’s a tad unfair it was a book I could NOT be bothered finishing. From the outset I found myself wanting to skip pages to see if this book improved and alas it did not.

The title to this book is completely misleading in my opinion, it led me to believe this was going to be another action packed true life story from within the suck. What I got instead is a story best suited to the blog from which the book was derived. If I knew the author then I am sure I would have found it fascinating to read what my friend was up to. As a true life story from a troop serving in Iraq this is by far the worst book I have read in the genre.

As I stated in the beginning after reading about 70% of this book I waved my little white flag and put it back on the book shelf. Why I can't recommend this book please don't write it off as it has got a high average rating it just was not my cup of chai.

1 Star

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