Thursday, 12 February 2015

Things & Stuff

Stuff is the sort of book I love and my family dread me reading. It is a book that is crammed with interesting facts and history of everyday items. Items that we take for granted and hardly give thought to. Take for example concrete. Think about the role this material plays in our life and then imaging life with out it......I know pretty mind blowing. Well I think it is even if my family think I am odd.

Mark Miodownik takes us on a scientific, historical, social and personal journey of some of our most important stuff to be found in our World. This book will have me boring people for years to come. I can't express how much enjoyment this book gave me. From the opening chapter you know you are in for a very unique read.

So do yourself a favour and pick this book up. You will be entertained and also learn things about stuff. Stuff that you will never look at the same way again, including the very material it is printed on.

4.5 Stars

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