Monday, 2 February 2015

What If?

Finally a time travel book that does not bore me to tears. Rewinder delivers a well-paced and intelligent narrative that explores the old question of what if?
The author sets the scene with a well thought out and developed alternative reality where the British Empire lives on. Within this narrative we are introduced to our main character that lives in the lower castes of society. He is introduced to a secret world in which his job is to travel through time and to check first hands historical facts. At first this new world is full of wonderment but as time passes cracks start to appear. What lies beneath these cracks is far from savoury and this is when the story really becomes interesting.
This book excels at exploring the butterfly ripple effect and by doing so develops a story that sets its hooks in and takes you along for the ride. Rewinder is a book that leaves you pondering about it long after it is back on the shelf gathering dust.
 The audiobook production of this story is spot on. The narrator was an excellent choice and added to the entertainment value of book.
4 Headphones

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