Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Remarkable Memoir


Working Stiff tells the story of a young Medical Forensic Examiner in her first two years of training in NYC. Judy Melinek does not hold back in this memoirs and the result is a fascinating and heart felt look into her life and profession. At times this book had me in tears as I read some of the cases she had to work on.

Yes she has some very firm views on suicide that may not sit comfortable with some of the audience. But with her personal experience in this matter one cannot blame her for that view.

What I truly found humbling about this book was how she wrote about her experience with the 9-11 tragedy. She did not down play its horror but neither did she allow it to dominate the book or overshadow the everyday tragedies she bore witness to. The couple of chapters dedicated to 9-11 where harrowing and some of the images that where conjured up in my imagination will stay with me for a very long time.

Overall Working Stiff delivers a deeply personal account of one Doctors induction into the world of Forensic Medical Examiners. I for one thank the author for giving us a view into this very difficult and technical line of work and the impact it has personally on her.
4.5 Stars

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