Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hardly a Startling Read

I opened this book with much excitement as I was returning to one of my favourite periods of history the Cold War. The book cover promised startling revelations and I looked forward to gaining this new knowledge. What I got was far from startling it was what you would have expected both the USA and USSR to have been doing in the war of espionage.
While the stories told in this book where interesting I found myself getting lost in all the names and dates that pepper the pages. I found it hard to keep track of who was who. The author does do a good job in covering all the different tactics that where employed in espionage war. The book never reaches the point where I was compelled to keep reading on.

Overall a good read but it did not deliver in my opinion what was advertised on the cover. It did though leave for me an intriguing question, what happened to those inside sources and double agents that where never found. Do they still to this day sleep with one eye open hoping their past never sees the light of the day?
3 Stars

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