Thursday, 19 March 2015

The End Of Evolution ?

The Atlantis Plague is the second offering from A.G Riddle in his Origin Mystery series. Like the first book A.G Riddle delivers a story full of twists and turns that keeps you engaged to the very last full stop.

What really impresses me about this book is how all the individual story threads are weaved into very strong tapestry worthy of the label epic. I was truly impressed at the depth of the narrative and the fullness of the world created by the author.

For me though, there was one glaring issued that kept me from giving five stars. Unlike a lot of other follow up books in series this one starts off exactly where the first book finished. Now that probably does not seem too many an issue. But for me those little tit-bits of back story so often used in the beginning of books in other series was missing. What this meant for me that it took a while for me to get back in the story as I felt I was playing catch-up.

With all that aside The Atlantis Plague is very fine example of intelligent and entertaining Science Fiction writing. I would encourage all to experience the Origin Series.
As an audiobook the narrator Stephen Bel Davies employs the perfect cadence that draws you right into the story. Running at 13 hrs. and 11 minutes I was surprised how quickly I finished this listen. I found myself listening to it as I brushed my teeth as I did the dishes. All signs to me of a great marriage of story and storytelling.
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