Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Great Read That Stands Apart From The Rest

This short but highly satisfying read is my second book by this author and like the first it delivers a fresh take on the apocalypse scene. Be warned if you are after a book full of action and stuff blowing up and going splat then give this book a miss.

What this book delivers is a very realistic view of what the world would be like if all hope is lost and the human race is on the way out. As the title might suggest this book centres on a teacher whose students can be counted on one's hands and whose numbers are dropping every day. As one can imagine this is a very depressive state of affairs as life and Society as we know slowly fades away.

Chris Dietzel manages to deliver a deeply engaging narrative that does not rely on action to keep one engaged. As a reader you are made to feel uncomfortable as you think of what you would do in similar circumstances, and this is what makes this book stand out. It's than ability of the author to touch something in the reader that gives the book a very frightening feeling of reality to it. I for one will be returning to the world that is The Great De-Evolution series.
5 Stars

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