Thursday, 7 May 2015

Best New Young Author Around

Book three in the Orbs series by Nicholas Sansbury-Smith like its predecessors did not disappoint. From the first page I was catapulted back into a world slowly dying as Earths water is drained by some particularly nasty aliens. Mankind's tentative hold on existence continues to slowly erode.
As I have come to expect from this author all the three boxes for a great Sci-Fi read are ticked:
- Gripping Narrative
- Engaging and believable characters
- A plot that twist and turn right to the end
Talking about the end this one had me speechless as it blindsided me, especially seeing that I thought I had picked it. If you have not checked this author out yet then do so soon. He is in my opinion one of the most exciting young writers I have seen in a long while.
4.5 Stars

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