Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Simply Perfect

I have had the pleasure of reading some very good books lately. But it has been a long time since a story utterly enveloped like Red Rising did. I found myself completely drawn into the story as the world around me evaporated just like in the scene from the Never-ending Story (that shows my age).

So what is it about this book that elevated it above all the other excellent books I have read recently. For me it was the completeness of the book. From the character development to the world it was set in. The author winds the narrative through it all and as he does the world becomes more and more real.

Red Rising tells a tale that's very essence is as old as time. It is how this tale is delivered that makes this book stand out in the crowd. Halfway through the read I was already planning how I could get my hand on the next book in the series. I have not done this for a long time and that indicated to me just how fantastic a read it was.

So my hat goes off to Pierce Brown for this truly masterful piece of writing. I recommend this book to all that are interested in being thoroughly entertained. 

5 Stars & LBR Tick Of Approval

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