Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Truth or Fiction ?

Agent Storm on the surface is a fascinating look into the world of radical Islam and how it operates. This is told through the eyes of Morten Storm, who's story takes us through his journey from a troubled Danish youth to that of a radical Islamic and then to that of a double agent.

As many other reviewers have pointed out this book requires you to place you trust in the author. There is no way to verify his story and association with various intelligence organisations. A quick Google search does nothing to clarify the matter.

Be it fiction or fact this book does highlight how certain Islamic groups target disfranchised youth with the view of radicalising them. It also went a long way in giving me a better understanding of the different views of Islam and the issues this causes.

In the end I found this book a fascinating read that has left me with a thirst to find more out about the Islamic faith. I have put aside the question of validity and marked this book according to the high level of engagement I received from it.
3.5 Stars

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