Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wolf Hunt

Time for another review from Pamellia.
This book was so much fun! If you want to rough up a business associate but just don't have what it takes to do such a job, you better call George and Lou. Yes, the protagonists in this book will handle any thing from breaking fingers to blowing out knee caps. All for a fee, of course. These fellows even have an agent lining up work for them just like rock stars.

The book opens with our heroes trying to break the fingers of an elderly person. It's nothing personal, they have been hired to do this. However, both George and Lou are having a bit of a problem with this assignment. It's a good way to open up this story of two guys that are know for not always being 100% successful.

Then George and Lou get a job to transfer a man, in a cage, to a certain laboratory. They are lead to believe this man is a werewolf. Ha! Yea, right....right? The man pleads with them, saying there is no way he is a werewolf. He wants freedom. Will he be able to convince these two large men they can trust him. Read the book and find out.

Lots of laughs in this book. The comedy continues throughout the book. However, the book does turn violent and bloody. The characters are carefully developed and we learn more about everyone. 

4 Stars 

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