Tuesday, 2 June 2015

I Think I Will Stay Where I Am

It is a mystery to me why I keep returning to books on Mountaineering. I absolutely have no desire to climb one, if I cant get a lift to the top I am not interested. So why am I drawn to these books?

No Way Down tells the story of the 2008 K2 disaster that saw 11 climbers lose their lives. In telling this story it also examines the human spirit and drive to conquer the unconquerable. It is a book about life at it's most simplest you keep moving our you die.

This book delivers on numerous levels it is about tragedy, adventure, fate, human spirit and about the unforgiving mountain that is K2. This is what I think draws me to these books. It is not a morbid fascination with disaster but a fascination with people who have come to terms with their mortality and put their lives at the mercy of the mountain.

4 Stars

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