Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Book That Makes You Work For It

Towards the Flames examines Europe's headlong plunge towards World War I from the view of Russia. This presents some new and fresh views on this much examined and analysed period of History.

It is a book though that makes you work for this information. It is written in a dry factual matter that you as the reader have to really concentrate on to take in. It is more akin to a piece of scholarly writing which may limit its audience base.

As a history buff I got a lot out of this book. As I read the last page I was overcome with a great sense of achievement and felt that my knowledge on this period of time is a lot more rounded and full. This book will best suit those who have a real thirst for history.

 From an audiobook production perspective Sean Barrett does a masterful job in bringing a bit of zest into the book. He also does a masterful job on those tricky Russian words and names.
3.5 Headphones