Tuesday, 28 July 2015

No Sir I Do Not Like It!!!

American Psycho is another book that has been on my reading list for many a year gathering dust. I have heard nothing but praise for this book; mind you a lot of this praise does come with a warning of disturbing conduct. So it was with great gusto I delved into its pages ready to be entertained and shocked.

To say I was disappointed would be putting it mildly. This book is nothing but a running commentary of all that was cool, hip and swanky during the 80’s in the upper echelon of New York Society. This was boring inane diatribe was interspersed with acts of sadistic violence that to me added nothing to the story.

I know that this was meant to be a reflection of the rampant consumerism and selfishness of this era and somehow this is reflected in Mr Batemans Sociopathic and homicidal behaviour. But I for one “DO NOT GET IT”. 

This book is already considered by many a modern day classic. But I for one am not a fan and feel that I have wasted some of my valuable reading time.

2 Stars

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