Wednesday, 15 July 2015

This Author Can Do No Wrong

Nicholas Sansbury Smith once again takes us on a trip to a world where mankind is on the brink of extinction, and like the books preceding it this one does not disappoint. Extinction Cycle ranks up near the top as one of my favorite series of all times right alongside his other series Orbs.

Well that's enough of my gushing about this author it’s time to take a look at what makes this series so good. Fresh is one of the first things that pop in my mind. Post-Apocalyptic novels have seen a resurgence in popular culture. I mean everyman and his dog seems to be writing about the end of the world at the moment. Into this crowded genre strode Mr. Sansbury Smith to deliver a series that grabbed me by my shirt collar from the very beginning and demanded my attention.

Extinction Age delivers another fantastic installment in which the reader is rewarded with excellent plot and character development. Add to this mix action, suspense and sheer terror and you have a cracker of a read that like Oliver has me asking, "please sir may I have some more."

5 Stars

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