Friday, 21 August 2015


With a title like Apocalypse Cow how can you not want to read this book. It doesn't hurt also that this has won the Terry Pratchett Prize. So what do you get in a book with such a title? You get some great all round entertainment it will make you laugh, excite you, disturb you and have you think twice about that burger you eating.

My main concern coming into this book was how this was going to work. I mean Zombie Cows does smack of absolute absurdness how could this be a great read. Well let me tell you Michael Logan nails this narratives and produces a story that rips through the countryside of the good old motherland.

I love all the characters in this book their collective personality  issues gel very well together to create a great sense of purpose. What is that purpose, well it's simple not to be eaten by their pets, livestock or anything else on four legs. I will never be able to look at hemp clothing again without wanting
to itch myself silly.

5 Stars

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