Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Excellent Science Fiction Read

This book has attracted a mix bagged in reviews of late but for me it was an easy 5 Stars. There was nothing I did not like about this great Sci-Fi read.
From the opening pages I was pulled hopelessly into the story like a spec of dust into a black hole. The basic story line is familiar, we bunch of misfits that end up saving humanity. But it is the details of the narrative and the great character development that engages your interest at a high level. It is a well paced book that keeps you turning the pages with much enthusiasm.
At the end of the day Ark Royal delivers a cracker of a story that keeps you reading way past that point you promised yourself you would turn of the light and get some sleep. I am looking forward to the next read in the series and hope the entertainment continues.
5 Stars

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