Monday, 28 September 2015

Time Has Not Been Kind

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I do love a good story based around a Nuclear War, especially one written during the Cold War. Maybe I should go and see shrink about this, but there is nothing like a book written during the paranoia and fear of the Cold War. So it was with great anticipation I opened this NY best seller written in the mid 80's.

I tried very hard to get into this tale of a limited Nuclear exchange between the USA and USSR but to no avail. The narrative is very promising with two Journalist traveling across the Poss War US to report on the new reality left in it's wake. The book never seems to hit it's stride as it ambles it's way though the pages. I can see how in the midst of the Cold War this book could have had a real impact to the reader. It goes into great details on the effect of the EMP's and the expanding death and destruction the Soviet strike brings. The numbers of deaths alone mentioned in this book would have many falling to the floor in the fetal position.
The picture painted in this book would have scared the crap out of me back in the day. But alas in the light of our Modern Society this fear and paranoia does not translate at all. Unlike some of its contemporaries Warday fails to capture the spirit of the times.

2 Stars

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