Saturday, 10 October 2015

Alive In A Dead World

I would like to point out form the outset that I am reviewing this book compared to the others in the series. Why this book is a highly enjoyable romp through the Talbert Universe it seemed to lack that extra oomph found in the Zombie Fallout series.

All the elements are there from the great sarcastic humour to the nail bitting action. But to me it seemed a little to well practiced and expected and this removed from the overall enjoyment of the read.

Mark Tufo is still the god of the Zombie Genre in my opinion this is a great read, just not as great as his previous offerings. I may also be a little harsh in my rating for this book but as a Tasmanian he looses a star. It is a Tasmanian Tiger Mr Tufo not a Tasmanian Wolf.

3 Stars

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