Monday, 5 October 2015

The Fifth Wave

The Fifth Wave delivers a well written and intelligent tale of the end of the World. I continue to be amazed at the fresh and entertaining books coming out in this well trodden Genre of late.
I have to admit I had mixed feeling when I started reading this book as I though I had stumbled across a booked aimed at the Teen and Tween market. Thoughts of this was quickly pushed aside as the author delivered a well thought out and intelligent narrative. Sure the main characters of the book are teenagers but their is nothing PG about this book.
What I really like about this book was the "wave" concept that is used to spell the end of humanity. This concept was fresh and frightengly did not take to much stretching of the imagination to believe. Looks like the is another series I am going to have to read to the end.
As an Audiobook this was a great production using the two Narrators to great effect. The two Narrator concept sometime feels me with dread as it has the potential to send the back out of balance and impacts on the overall enjoyment.
3.5 Headphones

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