Monday, 9 November 2015

Age Of Iron

Age of Iron is an interesting enough fantasy/historical fiction hybrid. As the author kindly points out not much is really known about the time period the novel is set in, which is of course the Iron Age. This allows the author a fair bit of creative freedom in crafting the story.

The novel is set in England which is full of the rumors about the coming of Romans. England is still a land of battling fiefdoms and clans and death is a ever present risk. In this setting we find a traveling mercenary, a child belonging to one of the deadliest Kings int the land and another deadly warrior wronged by said King and seeking revenge. Also add to the mix a touch of Magic in the form of Druids and you have your story.

It is a story as old as time itself and is delivered in an engaging manner. The narrative is a mix of intrigue, black humor, action and gold ole fashioned lust. I did enjoy this read it just didn't rock my world.

3 Stars

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