Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Arsenal Of Democracy

This book is the reason why I love history; it teaches whilst thoroughly entertaining the reader. The author has found that elusive balance of narrative and facts to deliver a living and breathing piece of our past.

The Arsenal of Democracy tells the tale of how Ford managed to become on the biggest contributes to Americas war production. It follows Henry Ford from his humble beginnings right through to his sons dream of building a bomber every hour. It takes the readers through the revolution of mass production through Ford's iconic assembly construction of the Model T to its use in building FDR's Arsenal of Democracy. By doing this it also takes the reader through Americas slide into war.

But this book is more than the tale of the Fords it tells also the story of a President, a World at war and a society in the midst of great change. It tells a story that keeps you highly engaged and entertained and takes you back to a World in turmoil. History books do not come much better than this one and I highly recommend it to all.

5 Stars, LBR Tick of Approval

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