Friday, 18 December 2015

Go Like Hell

I'm not normally one for reading motoring history books but this caught my eye and boy I am glad it did. Going Like Hell tells the tale of one of  the most famous car manufacturers battle for supremacy during the golden age of car racing. In doing this it also tells of two of the most Iconic personalities in the auto business that being Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford the II.

A.J Baime covers a lot of subject matter in this book whilst keeping the reader thoroughly entertained as the narrative speeds along. We are shown the inner workings of both companies as well as getting a candid look at those who gambled with their lives in the pursuit of speed. The attrition rate of drivers from this era was something that truly shocked me and gave me a whole new perspective on the brave and daring young men that drove these missiles.

Yet again I was reminded of why I love reading so much. I came into this book  with little knowledge of the subject or era and walked away thirsting for more information. This book will suit a wide variety readers as it has a bit of something to suit most tastes.

4.5 Stars

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