Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hold On Tight

I was put onto this book by the owner of a great local bookshop called Cracked & Spineless. This is another great example of why I love reading so much. It is finding that new Author you would normally never try and finding out how awesome they are. This in turn opens up a whole new Genre of reading for you to explore.
This is my first foray into Japanese fiction and oh boy what an introduction. In the Miso soup delivers a strangely mesmerizing story in a relatively short time frame. It is a book that slowly builds up the suspense and then whacks you over the head with shear brutality before dropping you gently back onto the floor.

Ryu Murakami does a fantastic job in teasing out the characters and plot that keeps you glued to the pages. Not having a great understanding of modern Japanese culture especially the "adult pleasure industry" side of things he weaved the education of this Gaijin seamlessly into the narrative. He has a great knack of keeping you on edge by the promise of extreme violence that you know is coming. When it arrives it is like a kick into the crotch and takes your breath away, saying that this is not what this book is about. It is about the buildup in the reader of suspense that is finally released then slowly built up again.

This book has opened my eyes to a whole new world of fiction that I am looking forward to dive into head first. Be warned though while this book is an awesome read it is not for all.
4.5 Stars

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