Monday, 18 January 2016

Not Erik Larson's Best

In reviewing Isaac's Storm I have compared it to Erik Larson other books and this is why I have given it 3 stars. Larson delivers another strong narrative that brings history alive in the imagination of the reader but it does not reach the height of his other offerings.

Isaac's Storm tells the story of the destruction of the city Galveston, Texas by a hurricane and the human toll it visited upon its population. In telling this story it also tells the story of mankind's efforts to unravel the mystery of weather and to deliver accurate forecasting.

As usual the author takes great lengths in bringing the main characters in the story to life and this in turns pulls you into the story more and gives that extra emotional buy in that is his signature. If I had not read any of his other books then this would have definitely been a 4 star read. But saying that this is still a very strong read and a great piece of historic writing.

3 Stars

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