Sunday, 10 January 2016

Pedestrian Read At Best

One Year After is the sequel to the excellent One Second after but alas does not rise to its predecessor’s standard. The book settles into a familiar narrative that does not deliver any surprises to the reader.

The book starts off two years after "the day" which is one year after the end of the first book in the series and in that lies the mystery of the title. It is that mystery of the title that lost one star for me straight of the bat as I should not have to spend time deciphering the title of the book. As you might tell this fact annoyed me a tad.

As for the story itself we continue to follow our hero of the last book as he and is town is faced with new challenges to their survival. As I have already mentioned the story line delivers no surprises and is at best a mild pace romp into a America devastated by a strategic EMP blast. The book is entertaining but nowhere near as much as the first book in the series.
3 Stars

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