Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Vrooom Vrooom!!!!

I went into this book knowing nothing about Indy Car Racing but that did not stop me from loving this book. From the opening pages the author draws you into the intriguing racing world of the early 90's and introduces to some of the legends of the Indy 500.

Jade Gurss takes us into Illmor and Penskes secret plans to develop a motor to blow their opponents off the famous Brickyard. The time frame was tight and the engine had to built from scratch in complete secrecy. Not being an engineer I was totally amazed at what was achieved and the problems that where overcome.

The result of this engine known simply as the "Beast" is now a part of Motoring history. The story behind it is less known and this book is a tribute to the truly exceptional work done by all to bring it to fruition. This book is a highly entertaining read even for those not interested in Motor Racing.

4 Stars

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