Friday, 26 February 2016


There is a a lot of buzz around the author of NOS4A2 Joe Hill with many saying he is the next Stephen King. So it was with this comparison I jumped into the book and I have to say I found it lacking. The plot itself delivers a great original tale and the characters are larger than life. So why is it lacking I hear you say?

It is lacking in the delivery of any sense of horror and I feel mislead by the title. I mean where are the NOS4A2, am I missing something but there certainty are no Vampires as I know them in this book. There is a lot of supernatural aspects to this book and I love the concept behind Christmas land but there is no blood sucking going on here. Also I was far from being a fan of the end I found it was more a fizzle than a bang.

As a first foray into the world of Joe Hill I fail to see what the hype is about. Yes the book is good but for me it fails to raise itself above the crowd. To be fair I will give another one of his books a read to see what all the fuss is about.
3 Stars

Thursday, 18 February 2016


Frances Larson delves into humanities fascination with our heads, unattached ones that is, and takes us on a journey like no other. It was with a strange morbid glee I dove into this unusual subject.
The author is very methodical in the setting out of this book and the chapters flow in an easy to follow order. By talking about the history, cultural and science behind the many ways to remove and even preserve a head the taboo nature of it today is peeled away. Larson does not shy away from the current spate of beheadings, and why not down playing it any way, touches on the use of Social Media to underscore people macabre interest in this practice. 
Those who have read my reviews before know that I have a keen interest in those books that deal with subject matter that is off the beaten track. Severed definitely belongs to this category and like those before it this book is a fascinating read. Don’t let the title sway you away from this book it is well worth the read and is written in a very balanced and considered manner.

4 Stars

Thursday, 11 February 2016

One For The Alteranitive History Lovers

This book is great fun it delivers a fast paced and action packed piece of Alternative History.  Set during World War II we are introduced into a world where the Nazis soon after Pearl Harbour have dropped a A-bomb or two on Washington and New York and knocked the Americans out of the war, or have they.
Paul Lally has delivered a great narrative that skips along at quick pace that has you wanting more. The characters are right of a "A" grade Hollywood Action flick, and why this may worry some it works a treat for me. These larger than life characters further enhance the readers experience of the story. Also if you like flying boats this book is a must and I am sure after reading this book that the author may be a tad smitten by them himself.

4 Stars

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Curse Of The Narrows

 Curse of the Narrows relives the horror of the 1917 Halifax maritime disaster that nearly wipe the port and its inhabitants of the map. I am ashamed I had never heard of this piece of history the devastation, loss of life and suffering caused by it is truly of biblical proportions.

The events are told by the those who lived through the horror by the stitching together of numerous first hand accounts, as well as some poetic license. The author also does a good job of putting the disaster in the context of the history of the time giving the reader a good sense importance and isolation of Halifax.

This is a well written piece of history that keeps the reader engaged through most of the book. I did have times though when I found myself skimming through the pages. Overall though a solid read that is worth the effort.

 3 Stars