Saturday, 6 February 2016

Curse Of The Narrows

 Curse of the Narrows relives the horror of the 1917 Halifax maritime disaster that nearly wipe the port and its inhabitants of the map. I am ashamed I had never heard of this piece of history the devastation, loss of life and suffering caused by it is truly of biblical proportions.

The events are told by the those who lived through the horror by the stitching together of numerous first hand accounts, as well as some poetic license. The author also does a good job of putting the disaster in the context of the history of the time giving the reader a good sense importance and isolation of Halifax.

This is a well written piece of history that keeps the reader engaged through most of the book. I did have times though when I found myself skimming through the pages. Overall though a solid read that is worth the effort.

 3 Stars

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