Friday, 26 February 2016


There is a a lot of buzz around the author of NOS4A2 Joe Hill with many saying he is the next Stephen King. So it was with this comparison I jumped into the book and I have to say I found it lacking. The plot itself delivers a great original tale and the characters are larger than life. So why is it lacking I hear you say?

It is lacking in the delivery of any sense of horror and I feel mislead by the title. I mean where are the NOS4A2, am I missing something but there certainty are no Vampires as I know them in this book. There is a lot of supernatural aspects to this book and I love the concept behind Christmas land but there is no blood sucking going on here. Also I was far from being a fan of the end I found it was more a fizzle than a bang.

As a first foray into the world of Joe Hill I fail to see what the hype is about. Yes the book is good but for me it fails to raise itself above the crowd. To be fair I will give another one of his books a read to see what all the fuss is about.
3 Stars

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  1. I noticed so many were as 'll google eyed by this book. I didn't get it, at all. In fact I placed it in my "Lost Interest" self on Goodreads. Had I finished and written a review I think it might have been similar to what you wrote. I have read other books by Joe Hill and enjoyed his work.