Thursday, 18 February 2016


Frances Larson delves into humanities fascination with our heads, unattached ones that is, and takes us on a journey like no other. It was with a strange morbid glee I dove into this unusual subject.
The author is very methodical in the setting out of this book and the chapters flow in an easy to follow order. By talking about the history, cultural and science behind the many ways to remove and even preserve a head the taboo nature of it today is peeled away. Larson does not shy away from the current spate of beheadings, and why not down playing it any way, touches on the use of Social Media to underscore people macabre interest in this practice. 
Those who have read my reviews before know that I have a keen interest in those books that deal with subject matter that is off the beaten track. Severed definitely belongs to this category and like those before it this book is a fascinating read. Don’t let the title sway you away from this book it is well worth the read and is written in a very balanced and considered manner.

4 Stars

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