Sunday, 24 April 2016

Just Keeps Getting Better

With more twists and turns then any hard-core roller coaster fan could handle Nicholas Sansbury Smith again demonstrates why he is one of the most exciting new kids on the block. This latest edition to the Extinction Cycle starts off at a blistering pace and keeps it up to the very end.

This book has it all action, thrills, horror, suspense, heartbreak, hope, desperation, friendship and love. These are all mixed together to deliver a perfect story that has depth of both character and narrative. Be warned though if you love your nails then DO NOT read this book as the suspense to be found in these pages will find you chewing them away without even noticing.

I have been fortunate to have followed the journey this young author has taken over the last few years. From his first offering to this latest one he goes from strength to strength…Ok I will stop banging on about him now and leave it up to you to see if you agree.

5 Stars

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